New trend: Detoxing

Cleansing body and soul and losing weight at the same time. No wonder detoxing is so popular. The internal cleansing process brings body and soul back into balance and gives you new energy.

We are often in need of detoxing after winter. We feel tired and exhausted all the time. A look in the mirror reveals bad skin, dull hair and excess pounds.

Detoxify and purge

Detoxing which used to be called purging means removing toxins from the body. The body can normally do this without external help. Harmful substances are eliminated by the liver, intestine and kidneys. So why is it increasingly difficult for the body to get rid of toxins? The answer should not surprise anyone. Fast food, convenience meals, alcohol or nicotine limits the body’s capacity to cleanse itself. An unbalanced diet also leaves its mark. Too much food of animal origin and grain and too little fruit and vegetables impair metabolism. This brings our acid-base homeostasis out of balance and leads to over-acidification.

The detox diet

This is where detoxing comes in. For the duration of a detox diet usually between one and four weeks, no acidifying foods are consumed.

In particular, detox nutrition means a considerable reduction of meat, sausage and dairy products. Sweets, alcohol and coffee are largely avoided during detoxing. Fast-food burgers or microwave dinners are strictly off limits. Instead, you should consume fruits, vegetables and plenty of fluids – two liters of water and herbal tea a day. This helps correct your acid-base balance and supports the detoxing process.

Using the acid-base calculator, you can see for yourself what foods are alkaline or acidic. Interesting detox recipes help you stick with the diet. Detox smoothies and detox shakes are especially popular. Specially formulated detox drinks are available in for those in a hurry. In addition, you can support the detoxing process with Basica® products. The alkaline minerals in Basica® neutralize excess acidity in your metabolism and ensure a more even acid-base balance.

Sleep, exercise, fresh air

Detoxing is not limited to merely changing your diet. Other elements of detoxing that are just as important are massages to activate your metabolism, getting enough sleep and plenty of exercise in fresh air. Detox yoga is especially recommended. This special form of yoga specifically stimulates the blood-flow to the body’s own detoxification organs.

Of course, it is best to do your yoga exercises outdoors, but we spend most of our day in enclosed areas. The oxygen content in closed rooms is often too low and the level of harmful substances can be higher than outdoors. That’s why detox programs say: be sure to keep rooms aired.